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A World of Radiant Lights 

By 2097 the world might have changed a lot, but there is something that keeps growing with the same strength and vibrance as ever: K-Pop music! An idol group is stealing the hearts of several young people worldwide – they are the K-Star Squad! Unbeknownst to their fans, however, these artists are also a defense force protecting Earth from invaders. They’ve been kidnapped as children and spent their teenage years running away from the evil Unovhian Empire. That’s when the KSD awakened a mysterious power and stole the Power Suits, powerful armor suits which help them control their power, and swore no youth would ever go through the same as they did. Nowadays, the K-Star Squad travels around the world, bringing music, hope, and revenge against the enemies of justice and truth!

The Game

In K-Star Squad, you play as a member of a K-Pop band who is also part of a super sentai group. You have to balance the world tours and your mission to protect Earth from an ongoing invasion, since the governments can do nothing to prevent it. You and your friends are Earth’s last bastion against the villainious Unovhian Empire.

K-Star Squad plays homage to all super sentai series we’ve watched over the years, as well as the growing fame and cultural reach of K-Pop. Here you’ll find light adventure-focused rules to create a unique group of loyal and brave warriors. You’ll be able to build special characters with a rich background by using the Traits from the Push system, and create whole episodes of a super sentai series with the help of a group of friends (even without the assistance of a game master) or even completely by yourself!

Custom Episodes

A super sentai series isn’t one-shot. In general, a super sentai series has a series of weekly episodes, with themes, focus on characters and advancing of the main plot. In K-Star Squad you will find ways to create each episode of your season and how to develop your characters and villains through it!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorIndieVisivel Press
GenreRole Playing
TagsGM-Less, pushjam, rpglatam, Solo RPG, supersentai, Tabletop


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Hi! I'm not sure about how many "goals" invent for a single episode. I have read the "Agenda" section but it's still a little unclear ^_^
Thanks in advance :)


Hello there!

You can choose how many goals you have per episode, there is not a limit or a minimun . Normally I would recomend 2-4 goals for your  episodes.

Thank you for your answer! I have another one if i can ^_^ I can't understand if any character have 5 K-Force points or is the whole team that have 5 points. I mean, if we are 5 players, each one of us have 1 point to spend?


Each one have 5 points per session. Is our way to give players an edge on the most dramatic moments and have the control of the narrative. With this all group have more changes to be sucessful in the key moments and don't be afraid to Push.

Só uma pergunta:
Esse RPG é um sistema que pode ser jogado em outros RPGs?
Ou é só pra esse em específico?

Olá, Turbinho!

Agora durante o Diversão Offline iremos disponibilizar o sistema Push pela IndieVisivel Press de maneira gratuita para que todos consigam realizar sua própria criação.

Além disso teremos vários jogos Powered by Push durante este ano.

Ah, entendi. Obrigado!

The "Short" version is 1.2, but the other documents are marked 1.1.  Are there rules differences between 1.2 and 1.1?


The Short version has an update before the other documents. There is not difference on the rules in this case, was just a new text to clarify some doubts that some players have on the first days.


At your service, K-Star!

Feel free to ask anything you need about K-Star Squad. 

Later on I think in made a New game based on Riders.

I'm sorry this is not a review yet, Leonardo,

But would you tell us how the mechanics works in K-Star Squad?

I love the arts and layout, by the way.


Hi, Zerodan! For sure!

K-Star Squad uses the Push system(there is a Jam right now), in which instead of series of attributes you have six traits that define your character. There is only one mechanic to roll 1d6, when your character is trying something really amazing. In this roll you need to achieve between 5-6 to have a sucess without complication, below that you will succeed but some  difficult. However, you can Push and roll another 1d6 and add it result to your previous roll. The only problem is that a 7 is a failure.